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Registration Of Local NGO In Pakistan

Registration Of Local NGO In Pakistan The legal framework governing NGOs is complex, and there are several laws under which an NGO may be registered in Pakistan. The most significant of these are: 1. Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance 1961. This Ordinance defines permissible purposes within the social welfare field. Registration under...
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Registration Of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) In Pakistan

Registration Of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) In Pakistan In recent years, the Government of Pakistan has adopted a restrictive approach towards the operations of international nongovernmental organizations and their local partners by refusing visas, restricting grant of business visas, introducing cumbersome and time consuming registration requirements, and requiring approvals from various different authorities for new...
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Legal Drafting and Vetting

Our law firm can help reduce your cost by more than 50% by taking over your business’s legal activities such as legal drafting which include, interalia, legal notices (responses to legal notices); memorandum and articles of association; MOUs; policies; procedures; regulations; bank guarantees; corporate guarantees; performance guarantees; payment guarantees; letter of credit; board resolutions and...
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Contract Drafting, Analysis and Management

Our lawyers are skilled in drafting contracts and agreements of various nature, including, but not limited to, supply and service contracts, hosting contracts, project roll out contracts, turnkey contracts, value added service agreements, partnership agreements, arbitration agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, employment contracts, human resource outsource agreements, business outsource agreements, managed service agreements,...
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Intellectual Property Rights Law in Pakistan

Protecting your ideas, designs, brands, solutions etc. are as important as protecting your business assets. Mughal Barristers’ team can advise and assist your business in protection of valuable intellectual property rights through registration of trademarks, patents and copyrights etc. Mughal Barristers can also support your business in resolution of disputes related to your right to...
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Investment Policy Law in Pakistan

INVESTMENT POLICIES Manufacturing/Industrial Sector • Foreign Investors are permitted to hold 100% of the equity of industrial projects without any permission of the Government. • Government sanction is not required for setting up any industry, in terms of field of activity, location, and size, except: • Arms and Ammunitions • High Explosives • Radioactive Substances...
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