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Legal Framework for Insurance Company License in Pakistan

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is the top licensing and regulatory authority for Insurance Broker Companies. SECP was established under the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969. All the laws and rules related to the [...]

Franchising and Licensing Laws in Pakistan

Franchising may mean different to different people. But in simpler words, it is the legal phenomenon of granting of specific rights by the franchisor to the franchisee in exchange of money. Then, the franchisee has [...]

Employment Laws in Pakistan

Have ever wondered about the laws of employment in Pakistan? Yes? The good news is that we are going to discuss some of the basic employment laws in Pakistan today. The amendment in the constitution [...]

E-Commerce Laws in Pakistan

The e-commerce industry is booming these days. It has provided small and medium-sized businesses with a way to gear up their business operations in order to maintain eye level with big names. But what actually [...]

The Impact of Pakistani Customs Law on Foreign Dealings

As per the amendment by the Prevention of Smuggling Ordinance 1977 Ch. VI, the Customs Act 1969 unites and amends levy and custom duty collection laws. This act calls back three acts: a) The Sea [...]

FAQs related to PPRA

Q. What is the minimum time frame to respond to procurement advertisements? A. In conformity with the terms stated in the Public Procurement Rule 2004 rule 13, the minimum time frame is not less than [...]

Laws of Business Formation in Pakistan

Partnership   A partnership is the most common form of business formation in Pakistan. Typically, in most businesses, the mode of partnership is formed where there is a need for flexibility in organizational structures and [...]

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