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FAQs related to PPRA

Q. What is the minimum time frame to respond to procurement advertisements? A. In conformity with the terms stated in the Public Procurement Rule 2004 rule 13, the minimum time frame is not less than [...]

Laws of Business Formation in Pakistan

Partnership   A partnership is the most common form of business formation in Pakistan. Typically, in most businesses, the mode of partnership is formed where there is a need for flexibility in organizational structures and [...]

The Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan

The procedure of legal divorce in Pakistan is different for males and females. Males have to file their divorce case in arbitration council whereas females have to file their divorce case, which is called khula, [...]

Difference Between Nikkah and Court Marriage in Pakistan

Many people are still confused about the difference between a nikkah and court marriage in Pakistan. Let’s discuss and clear the concept between the two terms: In Pakistan, if a person plans to do court [...]

The Law of Recovery of Advance Payments

In a situation where the case of advance payment is involved, upon breach of contract, the recovery of those payments is dependent whether the party has paid a part of the deposit as a guarantee [...]

The Right Of Lien And Right Of Retention Laws In Pakistan

The right of lien and right of retention are two different security terms, yet they seem to be written together in many contracts. According to the law, a lien is the legal right of a [...]

All You Need to Know About Foreign Investments in Pakistan

Pakistan’s corporate and investment laws officially allow the sectors of the national economy to have total equity of wholly-owned subsidiaries that too with 100% repatriation rights transmittable through any commercial bank. For property and currency-related [...]

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