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FAQs related to PPRA

Q. What is the minimum time frame to respond to procurement advertisements? A. In conformity with the terms stated in the Public Procurement Rule 2004 rule 13, the minimum time frame is not less than 15 days for the purpose of competitive national bidding and 30-day time period for the purpose of competitive international bidding....
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Laws of Business Formation in Pakistan

Partnership   A partnership is the most common form of business formation in Pakistan. Typically, in most businesses, the mode of partnership is formed where there is a need for flexibility in organizational structures and relationship formality between partners. In Pakistan, there is no mandatory obligation to register partnership business; however, there are a few...
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All You Need to Know About Foreign Investments in Pakistan

Pakistan’s corporate and investment laws officially allow the sectors of the national economy to have total equity of wholly-owned subsidiaries that too with 100% repatriation rights transmittable through any commercial bank. For property and currency-related matters, foreign investors are also provided with legal protection, and in case of any occurrence of matters, the investors will...
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Civil Service Laws

Civil Service Laws “Civil service” refers to the body of government officials who are employed in civil occupations that are neither political nor judicial. A well-functioning Civil Service helps foster good policy making, effective service delivery, accountability and responsibility in utilizing public resources which are the characteristics of good governance. The importance of civil services...
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Dishonouring of Cheque

Dishonoring of Cheque or Cheque Bounce : FAQs What are the conditions that make the dishonouring of a cheque an offence in Pakistan? When cheque is issued dishonestly by one person to the other. In what circumstances is the dishonouring of a cheque not an offence in Pakistan? Each case has its own facts and...
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Registration of Foreign Companies in Pakistan

Law governing registration of foreign companies in Pakistan Foreign companies are subject to the requirements of Sections 434 to 443 of the Companies Act, 2017 [“Act”]. In this behalf, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan [“SECP”] has issued S.R.O. 1224 (I)/2018 dated 5 October, 2018 where under it has issued Foreign Companies Regulations, 2018 [“Regulations”]....
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