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Investment Policy Law in Pakistan

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INVESTMENT POLICIES Manufacturing/Industrial Sector • Foreign Investors are permitted to hold 100% of the equity of industrial projects without any permission of the Government. • Government sanction is not required for setting up any industry, [...]

Women’s Inheritance Rights in Islam – Half Share of Female

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The division of inheritance is a vast subject with an enormous amount of details (Quran 4:7,11,12, 33,176). The general rule is that the female share is half the male's. This general rule if taken in [...]

Labour and Employment Law in Pakistan

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LABOUR LAWS Labour Law in Pakistan is very comprehensive and contains several Ordinances, Acts, Rules & Regulations and all other statutes relating to Industrial, Commercial and Labour Establishments which are widely scattered and inaccessible statutes. [...]

Import Export Law in Pakistan

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We have successfully dealt with import of the following items into Pakistan and the list is growing all the time: Paper, paperboard and articles, firebricks refractory, refractory ceramic goods, iron and steel, special machinery for [...]

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Pakistan

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ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION: ARBITRATION, MEDIATION AND CONCILIATION Mughal Barristers specializes in assisting clients for disputes which can be amicably settled by alternative disputes resolution (ADRs), such as: Arbitration (Local and International); and Mediation and Reconciliation. [...]

Copyright lawyer in Pakistan

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Copyrights: Frequently Asked Questions  What Is Copyright  Who Can Claim Copyright  What Works Are Protected  What Is Not Protected by Copyright  How to Secure a Copyright  How Long Copyright [...]

How to get Divorce / Talaq / Khula in Pakistan

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Q: In Pakistan what are the terms used to identify the parties in a divorce proceeding? A: The party filing the suit is called the “Plaintiff”, while the other party to the divorce proceedings is [...]

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