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Sales Tax Law in Pakistan

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Sales Tax Pakistan Overview Sales Tax was a provincial subject at the time of partition. It was being administered in the provinces of Punjab & Sindh as provincial levy. Sales tax was declared a federal [...]

Divorce Law Procedure For Overseas Pakistani

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Divorce/ Khula Procedure For Overseas Pakistanis If you are an overseas Pakistani and you wish to divorce your wife or obtain a decree of khula from a Pakistan family court, you can do it without your presence [...]

Energy Law in Pakistan

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Energy law is the category of law encompassing usable power (as heat or electricity) and the resources for producing such power. Federal energy laws and regulations are designed to provide affordable energy by sustaining competitive [...]

Defamation laws in Pakistan

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The term defamation is defined as "Holding up to a person to ridicule, scorn or contempt in a respectable and considerable part of the community; may be criminal as well as civil. Includes both libel [...]

Civil Litigation Law in Pakistan

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COMMON LAW OR CIVIL LAW IN PAKISTAN. LAW APPLICABLE!! There is a fine distinction between Civil Law and Common Law, however the same are used interchangeably in Pakistan and most countries of the World. Pakistan [...]

Child Adoption in Islam and Law

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ADOPTION: SHARIAH AND LAW By Dr. M. Aslam Khaki, Juris-consult Federal Shariat Court, Pakistan ABSTRACT A sizable literature has been developed on the recognition or otherwise of the adoption in Islam. The said literature has [...]

Parental Child Abduction Law In Pakistan

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As a parent, one of the most common difficulties you will face after separating from your partner is deciding where your children should live. A parent who takes matters into their own hands by taking [...]

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